In which countries is Regulars available? Find an answer key

Regulars is available in Portugal, France and is looking into developping solutions for other countries. For now our solutions are available in english and we are looking forward to be able to translate it into other languages.

Will my customers feel like they are talking to a robot? Find an answer key

Our solution brings a natural language and an array of personnalization, empathetic responses to the user's messages while he keeps growing and learning with it's past conversations.
We provide a rigorous Onboarding to solve most of the problems encountered by not having a strict enough frame for the AI to work with. Small explanations for big results !

How much time does it take to settup your solution? Find an answer key

Configuration is entirely handled by our team and typically takes only one week. You have nothing to worry about except welcoming and providing your best service to new customers.

How does your campaign process work? Find an answer key

First, we start by identifying your target audience and the e-place from where we will execute our campaign. After we've qualified your customer portfolio, our expert team crafts the messages intended for your customers. Following that, we establish a campaign schedule in collaboration with you, and then proceed to launch the campaign to your customers;

Can I customize the kind of answers that are generated? Find an answer key

Of course you can. Our Onboarding process helps us setting the scene : making the AI work out how it needs to work and talk to people. The more detailled the Onboarding is, the more customized you're campaigns will be.

How does your solution stay connected to Meta platforms? Find an answer key

Our solution is certified by Meta, and we use the Meta Business API to maintain continuous connectivity to your Meta spaces. This enables us to consistently manage campaigns while identifying their key success factors.

I didn't understand anything... Find an answer key

Well, we have a brand new video explaining you everything in less than a minute !
Go check it out : vidéo link

What's the best spot to go surfing in Lisboa? Find an answer key

Somewhere where the sea and the Sun meet.

What's the best galette recipe? Find an answer key

The best recipe for galettes is a recipe for crepes.

Can humans turn into cats? Find an answer key

As Darwin explained, evolution is a continuous flow of renewal and growth. It implies genetics branches off into different families, different yet similar to each other. As time went by, those small details became major ones...
Ok that's a lot of science... but science is so cool ain't it? In shorts: NO, humans CANNOT turn into cats, sadly...